Joanne O'Grady

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Since Jun 2009

"I enjoy Joanne's Zumba class because she is energetic, you can tell she loves Zumba, her music is awesome n fun, I get a great workout and she is approachable:)
Not to mention after her class I feel like I can conquer the world!!
GREAT class!!!"
~Katia (Guelph)
Love, love, love my Zumba classes with Joanne! She is energetic & fun, her choice of music is awesome and our workouts are always exhilarating!!! :)
~Paula from Guelph

Hi Joanne,
Moving to a new city is always stressful, but after 60 years in one place it can be overwhelming. The shared energy and joy in your Zumba classes made my transition a lot easier. Recovering from a back injury, the harsh winter and being new to Guelph made it difficult to find my happy place but I sure found it with your Zumba.
You go girl!

Gail in Guelph

I love going to Zumba with Joanne because it helps me relax after stressful days. The environment makes you feel very comfortable. You can go at your on pace and Joanne will show you modifications for different moves. The music is great too. Zumba gives you great energy and makes you feel refreshed. You should try it:)"
~Dori in Guelph
I really enjoy the Zumba classes because I enjoy the music and I don’t feel like I am exercising in fact I am dancing to great music and it is fun. I also enjoy meeting other people and it becomes like a Zumba family for me just like my Badminton club family.
~Isabella in Guelph

I enjoy coming to the gym and love Zumba....dancing with benefits of great exercise. Joanne makes the classes fun and inspires us to do our best. You always feel good about your accomplishments in class and are always thanked for coming out. I did other Zumba classes, but they were not near as good as Joanne's. Joanne's classes keep me coming back for more :)"
~Sherry in Guelph

I enjoy going to Dragonfly for many reasons. First, I love Joanne, her routines and the music. Second, I can go to class during the day and leave the evening for family time. And lastly, it is a fun, encouraging atmosphere and since joining, I have lost 13 pounds and counting. Thanks Jo! You Rock!
~Jen in Guelph
I am truly thankful that I found Joanne’s Classes! When I heard about Zumba, I tried other Zumba classes and like them but once I attended Joanne’s class I was addicted! I went from going once a week to almost every day with Joanne. I still look forward to every class I go to (Zumba, Zumba toning, Belly dance Fit, boot camp) and I am excited to try the new classes offered. Since I started attending her classes I have gained so much from them! It makes me feel good about myself and I can't help but smile during and after class, which doesn’t happen with most workout classes! I believe that Zumba is the best cure for bad days, I like to think of it as 'Zumba therapy'!! I know that Zumba will always be a part of my life. I recommend Zumba to all my friends and family!"
~Jessica in Guelph


  • Zumba BasicZumba Basic
    License to teach regular Zumba® classes.
  • Zumba ToningZumba Toning
    License to teach body-sculpting techniques using Zumba Toning Sticks to enhance rhythm and build strength.
  • Aqua ZumbaAqua Zumba
    License to teach the 'pool party' workout for all ages using the Zumba® formula and traditional aqua techniques.
  • Zumba GoldZumba Gold
    License to teach specially designed Zumba classes for the active older adult or deconditioned participant.
  • Zumba in the CircuitZumba in the Circuit
    Has Zumba in the Circuit class(es)